We have been involved in starting and managing companies for years. Unlike many agencies, we are based in the UK and work here without third party service. This positive circumstance allows us to offer services within a very short time. You urgently need an important document? No problem! Within a short time you have your desired document with all the required credentials on your desk. You have a project and it lacks the appropriate company construct? No problem. Within a short time they have their company with all relevant documents.

Our headquarters and main business is the UK, but due to the changing political situation (BREXIT), it is also important to look for alternatives that meet the same business needs. This refers to the application of the so-called Anglo-Saxon law, as it has developed in the United Kingdom. For this reason, it is not surprising which countries we have taken in our offer.

Start with us in a new existence or create the prerequisites for a new business or, if you are not satisfied with their start-up agency, with us new and see what our corporate support looks like. We rely on mutual respect and will always try to give them the optimum in performance.
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